There are two options for a minor in Health Sciences:

  1. An interdisciplinary minor in Health Sciences
  2. A research minor in Health Sciences 

Below are requirements for each of these minors.  To declare a minor in Health Sciences, contact the Office of the Registrar.

1. Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Health Sciences (495)

See curriculum worksheet  minor.

Required courses (3 total):

  • Introduction to Health Sciences (499:101)
  • General Biology I  + lab (120:101/107).  Note: Principles of Biology (120:126) will be considered as a substitute.
  • Introduction to Psychology (830:101)

Elective courses (3 total):

  • At least one elective course must be a health-sciences specific (499) course
  • Two elective courses must be at the 300-level or higher.
  • Note: if the health sciences course is 300 level or higher, it fulfills both requirements.

2. Requirements for a Minor in Health Sciences Research (499)

See curriculum worksheet here.

Required courses (5 total):

  • Introduction to Health Sciences (499:101)
  • Research Methods course (either from psychology, sociology, or nursing)
  • Statistics course (either from psychology, math, biology, economics, or business)
  • Applied Experiences in Health Sciences (or other approved health-related internship course by the Director)
  • Independent Study in Health Sciences or other approved independent study/research course in another major focused on health-related topic

Elective course (1 total):

One Health Sciences or upper level research methods/statistic* elective course from the following:

  • Any other 499 course than the three required above 
  • Experimental Psychology with Lab (830:380/381)
  • Understanding Childhood through Statistics (163:460)
  • Applied Data Mining (220:422)
  • Marketing Research (630:385)

*Upper-level research methods/statistics course may require prerequisites and may only be open to major students.