Health Sciences majors have two options if they hope to pursue a career in nursing:

Option 1:

Students may start as health sciences majors, but transfer to the school of nursing.  

Transfers to the School of Nursing are limited based on space, and placement is highly competitive. In order to be competitive, transfer students should have at least a 3.0 G.P.A, and have received As and Bs in science classes. Effective Spring 2023, Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden requires that Anatomy & Physiology courses are completed within 5 years of enrollment in the program. Request for School to School Transfer should be initiated during the freshman year. (See website for dates).

Please note:  Nursing courses begin in the sophomore year, If a student transfers after the freshman year, a prolonged course of study (more than 4 years total) should be expected due to the structured curriculum in nursing.  

Students should confer with their Pre-Nursing advisors  regarding the possibility of acceptance. Additional information regarding the School of Nursing Traditional Program can be found here: Note that of the students who declare themselves to be pre-nursing, approximately 10% are able to transfer to RUC nursing each year.

Option 2:

Students may complete their B.A. in Health Sciences.  Then, they may complete the post-baccalaureate program in nursing via the BA-BS Accelerated Dual Degree Program.  

This program may allow some courses from the undergraduate major to count towards the nursing major as well.  This option may make more sense for transfer students who have not completed all of the required courses during their first couple of years of college coursework.  Or, students who are not sure of their future career goals may want to complete their undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and make a decision about their future career after the start of their sophomore year.