Sarah Allred

Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. University of Washington

Office: Armitage Hall 323
Extension: 6141
Email: srallred@camden.rutgers.edu
Website: allred.camden.rutgers.edu
Research Interests: Color perception and color memory, Bayesian modeling of perception, natural image recognition, philosophy of perception, neural basis of visual object recognition, and evolutionary psychology.

Kristin August

Kristin August

Associate Professor of Psychology
PhD University of California, Irvine
Office: Armitage 413
Extension: 6431
Email: kristin.august@rutgers.edu
Website: https://kristinaugust.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Interpersonal processes and health, physical and mental health in later life, psychosocial aspects of chronic disease management, health disparities

Sujoy Chakravarty

Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University
Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Economics
Email: sujoy@rutgers.edu
Website: https://www.cshp.rutgers.edu/about-cshp/faculty
Research Interests: Health Economics, Healthcare Delivery and Financing, Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care, Medicaid Policy and Evaluation, Industrial Organization of Healthcare Markets

Eric Chwang

Photo of Eric Chwang

Associate Professor of Philosophy
PhD Philosophy, Princeton University, M.D. Baylor College of Medicine
Office: 429 Cooper Street, Room 301
Extension: 6233
Website: https://philosophyandreligion.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Normative ethics, bioethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, logic, political philosophy, decision theory

Lauren Daniel

Photo of Lauren Daniel

Assistant Professor of Psychology
PhD Drexel University
Office: Armitage 343
Extension: 6535
Email: lauren.daniel@rutgers.edu
Website: https://laurendaniel.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Impact of sleep on health and quality of life in children with chronic health conditions, pediatric psychosocial oncology, behavioral sleep medicine

Jamie Dunaev


Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology and Health Sciences and Undergraduate Program Coordinator of Health Sciences
PhD Rutgers University–Camden
Office: Armitage 416
Extension: 6741
Email: jamie.dunaev@gmail.com

Nathan Fried

Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology
PhD Thomas Jefferson University
Office:JHSC Building, Room #303C
Extension: 6571
Email: nathan.fried@rutgers.edu
Website: www.NeuroFriedLab.com
Research Interests: Neuroscience, pain, migraine, opioid epidemic, and biology education research

Joanna Cohen Kallan

Instructor, Health Sciences and Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
PhD Temple University
Email: jc1480@camden.rutgers.edu
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Sociology of the Family

Eric Klein

Associate Professor of Biology
PhD University of Pennsylvania
Extension: 6335
Email: eric.a.klein@rutgers.edu
Website: https://ericklein.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Bacterial lipid metabolism and microbial adhesion

Nathan Link

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
PhD Temple University
Office:  405-7 Cooper Street
Extension: 6961
Email: nathan.link@rutgers.edu
Website: nlink.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Mental and physical health among criminal justice-involved populations

Charlotte Markey

Charlotte Markey

Professor of Psychology and Chair of Health Sciences
PhD University of California, Riverside
Office: Armitage 415
Extension: 6332
Email: chmarkey@camden.rutgers.edu
Website: https://markey.camden.rutgers.edu/
Research Interests: Social influences on eating-related behaviors (i.e., eating, dieting, body image); media influences and romantic partners’ role in eating-related behaviors.

Naomi Marmorstein

Professor of Psychology and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
PhD, University of Minnesota

Extension: 6434
Email: marmorst@camden.rutgers.edu

Margaret Marsh

Margaret Marsh

University Professor
PhD Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Office: Armitage 337
Extension: 2845
Email: mmarsh@camden.rutgers.edu
Website: https://mmarsh.camden.rutgers.edu/

Research Interests: History of reproductive medicine and reproductive technology; ethical issues in reproductive medicine and technology; reproductive sexuality; women’s health and health policy; reproductive health policy

Tory Mascuilli

Instructor, Health Sciences
MA, Rutgers University

Email: trm127@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Research Interests: Health policy, health outcomes, and health finance/economics; data science; health mis/disinformation

Amanda Molinaro

MPH, Thomas Jefferson University

Email: amandajanemolinaro@gmail.com

Research Interests: Public health disparities + public health policy

Alexandra O’Donnell (Dowell)

Instructor of Health Sciences and Psychology
MA, Rutgers University

Email: ao254@camden.rutgers.edu

Clinical Experience: Infant and toddler development (birth-3), therapeutic intervention for young children with neurological disorders, rehabilitation for adults and older adults with biomechanical, orthopedic, and progressive neurological disorders.

Daniel Semenza

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
PhD Emory University

Office: 405-407 Cooper Street
Email: Daniel.semenza@rutgers.edu
Website: sites.rutgers.edu/daniel-semenza/

Research Interests: Causes and consequences of gun violence; community health disparities; criminal justice exposure and health