50:499:101 – Introduction to Health Sciences (3)
This course provides students with an overview of issues central to the health sciences and careers in the field of health. Issues addressed include: public health initiatives, social influences on health, poverty and health, and health care systems in the U.S. and around the world. Through the discussion of classic and cutting-edge research, students develop an appreciation for the vast array of complex issues central to this emerging and applied field. Further, exposure to these topics will prepare students to make informed decisions about their future education and careers. 
50:499:493 – Internship in Health Sciences (3)
This course is designed to help students learn about working in healthcare setting and gain important experiences necessary for graduate school applications and your future career. This learning will take place through students’ experiences at their placement, the supervision students receive, their own reflection about their experiences, and completing a final project relating to their work and graduate school/career goals. Students are encouraged to develop their own placements. 
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
50:499:497 – Independent Study in Health Sciences (R) (1-3)
The student is required to undertake a term-long or year-long laboratory or library project under the supervision of a health sciences faculty member.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.