The Health Sciences major provides students with a thorough grounding in subjects that are fundamental to health-related professions. This interdisciplinary major includes instruction in the basic science courses, coupled with additional courses, such as Health Psychology, to prepare students to meet the needs of a modern health delivery system. Other courses, such as Human Development and Biomedical Ethics, help students to interact with clientele of multiple ages and diverse challenges specific to accessing and providing quality health care.

The Health Sciences major consists of a common track focusing on career preparation (i.e., professions that require a B.A. degree) as well as going on for training in health related graduate degrees (e.g., in physical therapy or occupational therapy). The program includes internships with healthcare facilities and community organizations. These relationships are maintained and developed by the campus Office of Civic Engagement with extensive initiatives in the surrounding community, and the Career Center which oversees internships in the School of Arts and Sciences, Camden.

Learning Goals for Health Sciences Students

The goal of the undergraduate program in Health Sciences is to provide students with:

  1. knowledge of the fundamental concepts, theories, and applications of health science (both social and physical science).
  2. an understanding of the scientific methods used to examine health and well-being.
  3. mastery of discipline specific skills in reading, writing and analysis.
  4. opportunities to engage with health professionals and gain valuable applied experiences through internships and research opportunities in the field of health.
  5. an educational experience that students perceive as challenging, enriching, and relevant to their future education and career goals.