To major in Health Sciences, students must take 60 credit hours of Major Requirements and Electives (may vary depending on lab courses taken)

Students must complete a total of 120 credits to graduate, including General Education Requirements. Several courses may overlap with Major requirements. Courses may be counted as both Major and General Education Requirements.

Students should follow the curriculum worksheet according to when they began their degree.

***NEW*** Health Sciences curriculum worksheet for students starting Fall 2019 or later

Health Sciences for students starting Fall 2017 through Spring 2019

Health Sciences for students starting prior to Fall 2017

For students in the pre-nursing track (please note: following this track does not guarantee acceptance into the Rutgers-Camden nursing program):

***NEW*** Pre-nursing curriculum worksheet for students starting Fall 2019 or later

Pre-nursing for students starting Fall, 2018 or Spring, 2019

Pre-nursing for students starting prior to Fall 2018

Learning Goals for Health Sciences Students

The goal of the undergraduate program in Health Sciences is to provide students with:

  1. knowledge of the fundamental concepts, theories, and applications of health science (both social and physical science).
  2. an understanding of the scientific methods used to examine health and well-being.
  3. mastery of discipline specific skills in reading, writing and analysis.
  4. opportunities to engage with health professionals and gain valuable applied experiences through internships and research opportunities in the field of health.
  5. an educational experience that students perceive as challenging, enriching, and relevant to their future education and career goals.